Retail Accelerator - Academy

"You've revolutionised the way I think & the way my business operates."



You started your business because you had something to share with the world. You have a great product, a unique connection with your customers, loads of creativity and passion. So why do you feel...

  • Confused because what worked at the start isn't working now your business is maturing
  • Exhausted from being everything to everyone and constantly juggling it all
  • Physically unable to 'hustle' any harder
  • Scared of moving out of your comfort zone because you're already feeling vulnerable
  • Overwhelmed with all the opinions and options and tricky tech stuff 
  • Hesitant to invest the little time and/or money you have in case you end up just where you started. But hesitant to do nothing in case you stay just where you are.
  • Passionate about what you do despite your business taking over your life


"I'm so exhausted. Everything I read says 'hustle harder' but I can barely cope with all the work I've got to do already, without adding more to the load. I knew it wouldn't be easy but I didn't think it would be THIS hard."

"My partner just told me I'm a slave to my customers. Of course I told him he was wrong. But I burst into tears the minute he left the room. Because actually, he's right."  

  "Nobody told me working in retail could be so lonely and isolating. I'm really struggling doing this by myself - I'd love to have some people around me to bounce ideas off and help me see where I need to do things differently."

"Despite working for more than a decade in a high level corporate career, I know absolutely nothing about running a successful independent business. That was fine in the early days, but now I've reached a point where trying to work things out on my own isn't getting me anywhere."  

Let me help you grow your business delegate | automate | strategise | plan 

The Retail Accelerate Program is a six month, small group coaching program specifically designed to increase the profitability, productivity and brand awareness of your retail or e-commerce businesses.  

By the end of the Program you'll have gained...


Who's in control of this operation? You are! No more lurching around trying a whole bunch of things that only half work (or don't work). You're now armed with the skills and strategies you know you need to create a profitable and productive business. You're moving forward with a plan not just an idea.


When you discover where you bring maximum value to your business, life will never be the same. Make confident decisions about how you use your time, where you put your energy, who you really want your customers to be, what you need to say yes to and what you need to kick to the curb in order to thrive.


Free up HOURS of your time by automating everything from your messenger response to new customer generation, email marketing to knowing what your customers want to buy. We get that tech scares the pants off lots of people so we give it to you step-by-step in easy to implement bite size pieces.


Your very own professional team awaits; strategists, a digital marketer, a designer and a tech crew. You're no longer on your own. AND as an added bonus you'll get your very own cheersquad of retail peeps to hang out with; ask questions, bounce ideas, pick brains, network, edit each others's totally like hanging out at a virtual watercooler.


Go home at the end of the day exhausted from achieving everything on your to-do list rather than ragged from bouncing around spying on your competition, devouring social media and taking hours to do jobs. Monthly Action Plans provide focus and step-by-step guidance so you can implement each module in your business.


Stand out from the crowd. Attract high paying customers. Make purchasing decisions a breeze. Write copy that has customers lining up at your door to buy Best of all you're going to know the insiders tips to making email and social media marketing take way less time but reward you with way more return on your investment.

As an experienced PR and marketing professional I was thrilled when Mat join my small group coaching program, especially when he emailed me less than 24 hours after our first meeting and told me he'd already implemented every suggestion I'd made! Love a high achiever!

The difference between Mat and all my other coaching clients is he made the decision to invest in the future of his business, before he'd even launched his e-commerce store. Whilst he wasn't new to business he is new to retail and as such felt he could learn a lot from this program that focuses on building knowledge in the core foundations of running a retail store. 

Since the launch of Mat's Hot Shop he has gone on to wow the entire group with his seemingly effortless success - sold out lines of stock, a feature in the Virgin inflight magazine, publications approaching him as an industry expert, his first market stall. In the background he's working on opt ins, value adds, automations and all sorts of other strategies that will help his business kick butt. 

"Less than 24 hours after meeting Salena I was making money on a website I hadn't officially launched! Mat Garthwaite - Mat's Hot Shop


Consisting of 6 focus areas the Retail Accelerator Program will provide you with the foundations you need to grow a profitable, productive and highly successful retail or e-commerce business.  

Each Module is designed to increase your existing knowledge, work step-by-step through proven strategies, provide you with resources, tools and actions you can immediately implement in your business.  



The things you did to get you to this point in your business, are not the same as those that will move you into the future. Together we'll create a blueprint for moving your business forward.


  • Learn the importance of forward planning in increasing profit  
  • Discover what's worked for you in the past and what hasn't
  • Understand what holistic growth looks like 
  • Roll out strategies to insulate yourself against slow weeks and rainy days 
  • Work towards keeping the soul in your business as you evolve  



Money comes in, money goes out...get off the financial rollercoaster with financial growth strategies that put you firmly in control of your money. 

  • Unlock the fundamentals of finance and what you need to be earning in order to survive AND thrive. 
  • Take control of your profit, not just your turn over 
  • Learn strategies for increasing the value of every sale - without turning into a sleazy sales person 
  • Understand the who, what, when and where of your customer purchase journey and why it's so important 
  • Discover the top ways to get customers to buy from you more often 
  • Gain the confidence to increase your prices without your customers running for the hills (or heading to the competition)



Embrace your quirks and build a unique brand that draws all the right attention, from all the right people. We'll show you how to brand your store like a pro - from your logo through to your light globes.

  • Understand why your unique story is the only one your customers want to hear  
  • Learn why branding is so much more than your logo and the colours on your website and why it's important to send the right message to your customers 
  • Unlock what you really need to know about your customers in order to create a profitable and purposeful business  
  • Align your brand across all platforms and recognise the impact it has on your bottom line 
  • Tips and tricks that make it look like a professional designer worked on your site or a professional merchandiser designed your store



It's time to stop hustling and being busy for the sake of something to do. Move closer to your dream by using your time productively & purposefully. 

  • Understand why being busy does not equate to being productive and 
  • Learn strategies to save yourself from confusion & overwhelm 
  • Take the CEO or Slave quiz and find out what it says about you and the future of your business
  • Define your role and how you can bring use your time to bring greater value (and more money) to your business  
  • Discover the fine art of delegation and how to make it work for you - even if you're a control freak or a tight arse! 
  • Learn how to step away from your business or take a break without losing momentum or money



Harness the power of connecting with your customers in a way that speaks directly to them and has them lining up to buy from you.

  • Learn how to connect with your customers so they think you exist just for them
  • Understand the importance of visual impact and how it can make or break your sales - instore and online 
  • Discover how to put an end to snooze-worthy product descriptions and start writing sales copy that screams "you want me!" 
  • Turn lookers into buyers - without resorting to discounts, freebies and giveaways 
  • Tap into a library of product descriptions you can swipe for your own e-commerce store  
  • Unlock the power of The Experience



Imagine non buyers or lost buyers becoming raving fans instead of a lost cause? Stop your customers walking out the door (or clicking off your page) without buying your stuff. 

  • Learn what motivates people to buy and how you can leverage this in your business 
  • Understand why and where you're losing sales - both in store and online and what you can do to mitigate against it. 
  • Get a handle on the fundamental sales and conversion statistics every serious business needs to keep track of on a regular basis. 
  • Unlock our top sales recovery campaigns and how you can roll them out in your online or physical store 
  • Access our step-by-step guide to implementing an abandoned cart email sequence  

After owning a successful fashion store for more than seven years, Dee joined my small group coaching program, with the goal to grow the income from her online store and take her role in her business from hands on to hands off(ish!). 

After six months on the program I am so proud of Dee and her quiet achievements. Not only has she smashed her goal with 100% revenue growth in her online store (along side a 40% increase in her overall turnover) but she's gained the confidence and skills to start seeing where her true value lies in her business. She's actively working towards stepping away from the shop floor and into the role of CEO, without losing money or control. 

"The support and workbooks have given me the confidence to try new things and see my business through fresh eyes. After seven years I was doing a lot of things out of habit or because it felt too hard to learn a new or different way of doing things. A lot of the information covered in the course I thought I knew, but quickly realised there were a lot of things I knew but wasn't actually doing - there's a big difference!" Dee Heagney - Urbane Cachet 

Join The Retail Accelerate Program Today And You'll Also Get Access To  

  • Hard Copy Implementation Guides Each Month
  • Each month you will have a hard copy Implementation Guide is delivered in your mail box (for real!). Each Action plan is broken into step-by-step implementable actions and strategies for you to complete over the month.  
  • We're big believers in the 'thinking hand' and so we've put our money where our mouth is and provided you with a printed version of every single action and work sheet plus the course material.  
  • This also means after the Accelerate Progam has finished you still have access to all your course material - you can power through and finish everything immediately or take your time to work through the books - coming back to each activity as many times as you like.

  • Valued at over $1,200
  • Small Group Coaching Calls Twice A Month
  • Each fortnight (twice a month) you'll join Salena for a live group coaching call. Ask questions, get the low down on the latest Action Plan, check in with your fellow course members about their wins and challenges, find out the latest in digital marketing and retail strategy or the latest great watch on Netflix. It's accountability meets water cooler gossip.  
  • Our previous course members tell us this is the part of the program that gave them the kick in the pants to push through the discomfort and make the changes necessary to take their business to great places.  
  • Valued at $12,000
  • Three x 1:1 Retail Strategy Sessions
  • Never before have we offered personalised strategy sessions outside of our elite 1:1 coaching program. This is your opportunity to gather advice and knowledge from me and/or my team of experts, specifically relating to your business. 
  • Come prepared with your questions and we'll work together to craft a list of actions you can add to the existing course modules or highlight areas you should focus on during the course to see the best outcomes for your retail or e-commerce store.  
  • Valued at $1,500
  • Our Invitation Only Membership Group
  • We know retail can be a lonely business, which is why we're so passionate about making you feel supported, heard and nurtured. Our Invitation Only Membership Group is open to retailers participating in all our paid courses and programs.  
  • We've created a space that is inclusive, welcoming, nurturing and full of knowledge and support so retailers can connect and network with each other without having to field 100's responses to a question or feel like your competition is watching over your shoulder. This is your opportunity to surround yourself with people, just like you, who have made the commitment to invest in their business growth  
  • Valued at $1,200  
  • A Library Of Game Changing Hacks, Hints and Tips
  • Stop spending hours searching the internet or watching You Tube tutorials to find out how to install a widget, or resize a doohicky! Our Library of 'Game Changing Hacks' is a treasure trove of retail specific hints, tips and takeaways right at your finger tips. Usually in video format, my team and I literally film these as we use them in our consultancy work. This is your opportunity to cash in on the stuff we keep secret from our big paying clients! 
  • Valued at $197 
  • Discounts On Additional Courses & Other Events
  • Need a little extra marketing help? Want to take your Facebook Ads to a whole new level? Looking to hire staff?
  • You'll save up to 50% on all our additional courses and resources. Plus you'll receive priority access and discounts on any other events we run during your time in the program, including our very popular Live Action Days and Weekend Intensive Workshops. 




Choose the Payment Plan That's Right For You


one single payment of

$3,500 USD



six monthly payments of

$ 650 USD

My super power is taking you from where you are now to where you want to be...

Hey there, I'm Salena Knight. 

It might sound a little woo-woo, but I believe everyone has a super power. Mine is having the uncanny ability to see exactly where you (and your business) are now and knowing exactly what steps you need to take to realise the future you're dreaming of. 

Weekends off? Passive income? Chain of stores? Holiday in Fiji? Going to bed before 3am?! It's your dream, I'm just here to get you there.

Over a decade ago, before I became a Retail & Marketing Strategist, I was a retailer. A retailer who was in the exact same place you are now; questioning the wisdom of leaving my cushy corporate job, resentful my Business Degree had left me so ill equipped for the realities of running a business and wondering why my dream to help other people was heading South (along with most of my money and all of my time). 

It took years of trial and error and a huge amount of investment in myself, but over time I grew my store into a multi-outlet, award winning brick and mortar and e-commerce retail business. Five years ago I made the decision to sell my stores and use my experience and knowledge to help other independent retailers recognise success in their businesses too. 

Since then I have worked with countless independent retail and e-commerce businesses in Australia and the US, who found themselves exactly where you are now; exhausted, confused, overwhelmed but still passionate about giving their gift to the world. 

If you're ready to stop giving to everyone else (for just a little bit) and invest in yourself. If you're ready to start having control over your business and your life again. And if you're keen to test out my superpowers! I'd love you to join me in the Retail Accelerate Program.

Salena Knight doorway

"The biggest benefit I've found from doing your course, is direction. Even though I'd owned my business for 2 years, I was lost. I discovered that whilst I knew my products back to front, I knew nothing about running a business.  

I had a to-do list so long, but I was overwhelmed and ended up doing nothing. My sales have increased (even though I only work on the business 20 hours a week), my branding and marketing is more focused and now I'm setting even bigger goals." - Kate (Brave Tiger) 

"You have revolutionsed the way I think and the way my business operates. But because of this, I've achieved so many things.... I've increased my sales, increased my customer base, increased my profit margin, plus the personal highlights of getting Cruelty Free certification for my products and landing my dream store as a stockist" - Rebecca (Sattwa)





Monthly Hard Copy Implementation Guides (value $1,200) 

Bi-weekly Live Coaching Calls (value $12,000) 

Three Personal Strategy Sessions (value $1,500)  

Access To Library Of DIY Hacks (value $197) 

Invitation Only Membership Group (value $1,200) 

Discounts On Events & Courses (value - priceless)  

over $16,000 value


Burnt Out and Exhausted...

Lots of people are happy where they're at right now. But is this where you want to be next year, in three years. How about in five years time...? Exhausted and overwhelmed is not the freedom you signed up for when you decided to quit your 9-5 job. 

It took bravery, guts and determination to step off the 9-5 treadmill and get your business to where it is today (you should totally take 5 minutes to celebrate that!) but is doing more of the same going to pay off in the long run?

OR Profitable and Prosperous...

Business owners who take the leap and invest in themselves and their business, knowing it will pay off in the long term, don't stay stuck where they are. They profit, prosper and thrive. 

In my experience business that grow and flourish are owned by retailers who have learnt the skills required to focus, delegate, automate, plan and strategise, which they successfully team with their existing knowledge and experiences. 


one single payment of

$3,500 USD


six monthly payments of

$ 650 USD

Got Questions? We've got answers!

Who is the Accelerate Program designed for? This program is specifically designed for brick & mortar retailers and e-commerce business owners with a business already out of the starting blocks but struggling to find it's feet.

I've been in business for quite a while. Am I going to learn anything new in the program? The average length of time our small group coaching Alumni have been in business is around 4 years. The thing about this program is we go in with the very realistic assumption you can't get this far in business without a bunch of skills - whether you've gained them through life experience, your previous corporate life, book learning or just from being in business for a long time. We get that you know some stuff. The Retail Accelerate program is about taking what you already know and adding to it with our experiences, professional expertise and the up to date research we do (we keep our ear to the ground so you don't have to). We figure putting your smarts and our smarts together will take you to a whole new level of.... smart! And that can only be a good thing! 

What does 'thriving' mean? For us next 'thriving' simply means actively moving from where you are now closer to where you want to be long term. That will look different for every retailer but we do find people get what we mean when we say the Accelerate Program will help you move your business from gangly teenager to fully fledged adult! The program will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to run a serious business.

When does the program close? We open the Retail Accelerate Program a couple of times each year. If registrations are closed you can go on the waitlist to be advised when the next round is opening with no obligation to join. 

What do I get in the Implementation Guides? Our hard copy Implementation Guides are the love child of a self help book and a work book, who hooked up with a whole load of real life case studies, step-by-step instructions, activity sheets and freebie resources like checklists and swipe copy. People keep telling us we should put them all together and make a real book of them - we're thinking about it - but until then you get the benefit of having a copy in your mailbox each month!

I'm looking at some general business coaching? What makes this program different? The Retail Accelerate Program is the only program of it's type anywhere in the world; specifically designed for brick and mortar retailers AND e-commerce store owners. I'm passionate about providing retailers with industry specific knowledge and strategies that I know work. Quite simply you just won't get that with general business coaching - the topics might look similar but that's where it ends. As a retailer you can't afford to be vanilla with your choices - appealing to everyone - the same goes for the support and knowledge you surround yourself with. If you're going to stand out in your market, you need someone who will give you the tools to do that confidently and knowledgeably. That's where this course is different!

How much time do I need to invest each month? When you join the Retail Accelerate Program there is an expectation you're ready to take ACTION. This is a space to roll up your sleeves and make things happen - we don't just sit around talking (or worse still complaining!). Our Implementation Guides are designed in weekly blocks, specifically so you can put aside a few hours each week to steadily work through and implement each activity, without taking huge chunks of time away from the business of running your business.